A Rare Ten Out of Ten Album Review

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What’s rarer then a 10 out of 10 album review? Me agreeing with a music critic.
Couldn’t agree more with Vish Khanna’s review of the new album by the band I’ve called my ‘favourite live band ever’.

A couple summers’ ago, I finally saw them rock an outdoor gig that left the audience jaw-dropped at first, then in concert-watching-ecstasy. It was impossible to find someone who hadn’t seen them before, not say it was the best show they’d seen in a long long time.

It’s not common for band’s to replicate their live energy on a studio¬†album. It appears that The Sadies have come closer than ever before.

They are out on tour. See them.

Preview the album and read the 10 out of 10 review courtesy Exclaim.ca