Best New Interview with Paul McCartney

Calgary, AB, Canada / (CFGQ FM) 107 Calgary

I couldn’t stop listening and when it was over, I wished it had been longer.   But that’s the key to entertainment – leave ’em wanting more.

If you’re a Beatle fan, I can’t imagine you won’t love this.

It’s an interview that makes a die-hard Lennon fan (me) admire Paul McCartney immensely …  the best session with Paul in (my) memory.

For the record, Revolver came out after Rubber Soul, but let’s not let one fact get in the way of some excellent stories.    And who among us has an infallible memory?

Enjoy and go ahead and leave a comment here on the Legends Blog if you feel moved to.


p.s. this weekend (Oct 13) on The weekly Legends radio show – 1977 The Year in Rock, Part 1.