Open letter from Burton Cummings

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I came upon this note from Burton Cummings on the weekend.  I know it looks long but it reads well and quick and reveals lots.



Even with all my traveling and reading and thinking and pondering, sometimes I can barely believe what’s going on here on Blue Marble…only a short time ago I lowered my Mother’s ashes into the ground, next to her parents’ remains. I think that morning signaled the dawning of a different kind of awareness somewhere within me. Can’t really put it into words. That’s a bit of a problem for me, as I use words a great deal in my life. More so than many other professions. I send out the best, strongest thoughts I have right now to those people in the Philipines, who are staring right into what is perhaps the biggest storm ever recorded. And that business in the L.A. Airport last week…Good grief, I’ve been in that terminal probably a hundred times through the years. Right there. Right where that guard was killed. Very close to home. And I’m flying out of there again tomorrow. Last few weeks have seemed like years to me…rather decades. Feeling myself age. Saw “Last Vegas” the other night, and that movie certainly won’t cheer anybody up who’s feeling or thinking about aging…oh brother…it should be called “The Hangover For Seniors”… Starting Monday, I’ll be doing four one-man shows in five nights. That’s a lot of commitment. It’s a different world being on stage without a band…when you’re out there alone, there’s nowhere to hide. Doing maybe one or two songs alone in the middle of a show with the full band, well that’s another world entirely. Next week is just piano and voice. I’ve seen others do it, but I haven’t done it all that much publicly myself. We’ll see how it goes. Ruff is delayed, and when it finally surfaces, it’ll probably be more than one volume at once…we have plenty of footage. But it’s delayed for now. Details sometime later. Stress will eat you alive if you let it. Some people I know personally, myself included sometimes, let stress get the upper hand, and then EVERYTHING suffers…sleep, work, friendships…EVERYTHING. And yet, with Blue Marble spinning as fast as it it, how can we avoid stress…how can we step outside the madness…very difficult. Eric Snowden, at the expense of his very life as he’d always known it, once and for all showed the world that Big Brother IS and HAS BEEN indeed watching and listening and “collecting”. George Orwell’s somewhat prophetic 1984 is here in spades. So is Future Shock, times a trillion. When I let go of my Mother’s ashes that morning not too long ago, I think I let go of a myriad of other things too. Not sure yet, but things are immensely different for me personally than they were a few weeks ago. Crazy times…somewhat troubled, never boring, but surely crazy. If superior beings are watching us they must do their own equivalent of chuckling. Half our planet is starving, and on the other side of the world, people are having fat syphoned out of their guts. We are indeed a self absorbed species…and we’re the only living thing on this planet that ever ponders “how we will be remembered”. How’s that for uniqueness… There’s nastiness absolutely EVERYWHERE…pure nastiness. I’m finally learning to let it slide. Took me a while. Some people are so frustrated they become angry. And they lash out at the successful, purely for being successful. We see this everywhere. And this business between Republicans and Democrats is beyond frightening. The fact that the government actually SHUT DOWN because of what was basically a game of “chicken”…well, I can’t even comment on that. And then we have Mayor Ford and that whole business up in Toronto. My Goodness. When it’s one of the first items on the National Six O’clock News in America, well, it’s NEWS… The changes are making a lot of people half nuts. The pace. The bombardment of “news items”. Too much. I’m going to concentrate and focus entirely on these solo shows coming up next week, and hope for the best everywhere else. The world today can be far too upsetting if you’re not toughened up for it… Peace and calm… BLC