Three Things About Zeppelin Four

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It remains a pillar of classic rock albums, out  November 8, 1971 the one that falls fourth in their series of eight studio albums in their drummer John Bonham’s lifetime.

Neither Bonzo’s nor bassist John Paul Jones nor Robert Plant or Jimmy Page would appear on the cover, nor would their band’s name. It wasn’t an act of defiance towards their record company but rather said Jimmy, their response to the music critics who suggested that the success of the first three Zeppelin albums was driving by hype and not talent.  For Zeppelin’s fourth, they’d let the music do the talking.

One each of the albums sides, they’d save the best and longest song for last.   Stairway to Heaven closes side one.  They weren’t the first artists to come up with a song with that title either. Leave it to pop sensation Neil Sedaka, who came with the title on a song from 1960 album ‘Neil Sedaka Sings Little Devil and His Other Hits”.

When the Levee Breaks closes the album.  Beyond the massive drum sound of ‘Levee’, there’s something else that made it sound so ominous that was applied to everyone’s performance except Robert Plant.  In fact everything but Robert’s vocal is slowed down just a bit, to give it that super heavy sound.


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