Why Freddie Mercury Will Not Be Played by Sacha Baron Cohen

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This past summer it was rumoured that the reason the Borat and Ali G. star would not be portraying Freddie Mercury in a biopic was because the film was going to be very much a ‘G’ rated film, and not the raw and real story Cohen wanted to do. The official word was actually cited as ‘creative differences’.

Now comes word from the band themselves that was not the case and that it had to do with the thought that Cohen would be too much a distraction from the story of Freddie.

Ask me, Cohen’s a pro and could very well have pulled off the role successfully without having to inject his own personality to the degree that it would detract from the effective portrayal of Mercury.   For proof of his ability to serve the film, and not solely himself, look to his albeit small role in the film ‘Hugo’ of Inspector Gustav (2011).     Granted, it’s a decision best left in the hands of the members of Queen who knew Freddie best.  Fingers crossed for a suitable actor to play the role and a finished product that will do justice to Freddie’s story and legacy.

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