Women Are Attracted to Better Musicians

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It appears female attraction to musicians goes beyond the Armadillo in the trousers, so to speak. Assuming you’ve seen This is Spinal Tap and know what that’s all about. If not, please do. It’s perhaps the MOST essential rock and roll movie that’s ever been.

And while size surely matters, and having the guitar is a good start, there’s more to the story.

A study now suggests that women in their most fertile phases are more attracted to men who can produce the best music.

Researchers from the University of Sussex said the findings indicated that women believed men with strong musical abilities carried better genes than those lacking in such skills.

The study involved nearly 1,500 women with an average age of 28, who were not breastfeeding, pregnant or using hormonal contraception.

A group of women were asked whether they would prefer the composer of one simple melody, or a second more complex piece.

See the findings, courtesy The Telegraph