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X Files Mulder is now a musician
David Duchovny of X-Files and Californication fame will soon release his debut album.  Rolling Stone magazine described it as ‘moody alt-rock’.    He doesn't need to do this but that fact that he IS and therefore 'putting himself out there..' for the critics, is pretty gutsy.   Honestly I found it difficult to actually hear the music because all I was thinking about listening to the first single was 'hey, that's Mulder from the X Files! ' The album is titled Hell or Highwater and is in...

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Julian's Mom and John Lennon's First Wife Cynthia Dies
Q - Do you have any regrets about meeting, falling in love with and marrying John Lennon?  A - He changed my life...well, he didn't, but the whole situation changed my life completely. God knows where I would've been ended up. I probably would've been a school teacher with about three or four children in a boring situation. I've had the most amazing life, a wonderful life...   I never met John Lennon's first wife but I felt like I had, upon reading her 2005 book 'John', in which she was...

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