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Hear Axl Rose Rehearsing With AC/DC
Axl Rose who is still recovering from a broken leg won't be getting much rest to hurry the process...after finishing a few shows with a somewhat reformed Guns N' Roses, Rose is now over in Europe prepping to be the singer for AC/DC's 12 shows that kicks off May 7th and goes until mid June. Axl will then head back to North America and tour with Guns N' Roses through a bunch of North American shows before continuing back with AC/DC and their 10 remaining dates in the U.S.A. Wow, busy sched...i'm...

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Rolling Stones, McCartney, Dylan, more tease huge October event
The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Paul McCartney and Roger Waters have released teasers related to something happening in October. The event being teased is most likely the rumoured mega festival featuring all of those artists, plus Neil Young, at the Coachella festival grounds. The Stones posted a 30-second clip showing a record spinning "All Down The Line" while cigarette smoke wafted upward. Waters's video showed grainy black-and-white concert footage of a stadium show. Dylan’s...
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