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For sale: Fargo props and cars
  Calgary’s Reclaimed Trading Company and Fargo Alberta are filling a 50,000 square-foot warehouse with all the props, sets and wardrobe items from the TV show and are holding a set sale and auction this weekend. The Fargo Set Sale and Auction starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, with racks of clothes from wardrobe, typewriters and furniture. The cars, which range from a 1950s Chevy to a 1960s cop car, will be auctioned off at 1 p.m. Registration starts at noon. - Sarah and Jeff Fargo...

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Unreleased Version of Dead Flowers
On June 9th, The Rolling Stones will rerelease Sticky Fingers, 45 years after it's initial 1970 release. In advance, they've released a new rendition of the classic Dead Flowers. It's just over four minutes of country, twangy goodness. We can't wait to hear what else comes up to coincide with the reissue....

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