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The Starters For The MLB All-Star Game Are Out!
July 14 will be a big day in Cincinnati, Ohio as the All-Star game will take place at the Great American Ballpark. Unlike other North American sports the baseball game of all stars actually means something! If the American League win then they will get the Home field advantage in the World Series as would the National League if they were to win. The other players and managers will be  announced tomorrow night. Josh Donaldson of the Blue-Jays will start on 3rd base for the American league. Also...

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Watch: Springsteen and Brian Wilson
Bruce Springsteen made a surprise appearance at Brian Wilson’s Wednesday night concert at the PNC Banks Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, singing backup on “Barbara Ann” from the side of the stage and then being coaxed to the centre and eventually strapping on a guitar for "Surfin' USA."  ...

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